Main gameplay

  • Cradle of Links – adventure VR game developed for HTC VIVE headsets. Action style horror deeply thought out the world.
  • Full freedom of movement in VR world of game. Smooth movement with variety velocity in any direction.
  • Realistic shooting – getting and hiding, aiming, reload, recoil. All that thing depends how you good and fast.
  • Free move around the streets.
    Melee weapons for getting stunned the big enemies and smashing the little ones.
  • Ability to transfer your mind between all previously infected and died persons becomes the shells.
  • Seek the special idler worms to get their secretion used to make a poisoned ammo or energy injection.
  • Fighting the nine unique enemies from heavy powerful Hominids to fast venomous Insectoids and other servants of intelligent swarm.
  • Solve the puzzles, find hidden passages and many more using interactive environments like torch, clockwork gears, mechanisms, chemistries and other. Find the characters need your help and solve their problem."
  • Save yourself from prison, traveling own mind. But remember, that the irrational situation and hopelessness will play against you.




A middle aged man and still strong build. Neat appearance, several noble features and tenacious gaze suggest the possibility that he is not the owner of a typical pub. Perhaps on the way behind the bar of his life it was much more interesting.


Great scientist, doctor, biologist. In his youth, he was a field surgeon, no stranger to war and the fragility of human life. It is known in the scientific community both in England and abroad.
Personal family tragedy, which claimed the lives of almost all the close friends, made him completely revise perspectives on their work and deliver high for himself, perhaps not even achievable, goals.



Knight swarm - fearless and incredibly strong individual. Its sole purpose is to ensure the safety of territories. Facing him in the melee to death, but the low rate of displacement of levels the playing field of who has weapons enough firepower.



It serves as a quick reconnaissance, and does not feel the fear of death and has high endurance. Escape is impossible, but straight from the attacks have a chance to walk away with some skill. Rule one fight - shoot until his body will not collapse lifeless to the ground.



Herald will swarm, spray pheromones in the air containing the master orders. Entangle the occupied territories network of tunnels and distributes building materials, an expanding slowly around the neighborhood. Not able to cause harm, so trying to hide in the nest at risk.

Victorian City story

About twelve months ago began to spread infection is unknown, rapidly emptying the city. Most of the residents died painfully, forever perpetuating the old streets with their bodies disfigured monuments like the triumph of the plague. There were those who did not become infected, and fled the city. They have taken the value of dead or confiscated still alive. These people, spreading to the neighboring towns of the county, engaged in theft and robberies. Not all of them were criminals, but despair did their job.

News of the incident spread rapidly and overgrown with fantastic details, always giving the topic of conversation in drinking establishments to men and women on the markets. But, like all the events of that time for a difficult life, a strange epidemic began to leave the thoughts of the people, being replaced by the pressing problems. The boundaries of the city became a quarantine area, no one dared to get to their limits. Dense fog and flocks of wild animals were an additional obstacle for rare fools.


Rare revolver

Rare revolver gunsmiths Bennett and Cole. It was originally designed to command the British African colonies to self-defense against the aggressive big animals - rhinos, elephants, lions. Later he became a favorite souvenir of noble people, the military and collectors.
The impressive size and firepower caused delight and respect, but hindered its role as a standard-issue weapons.ts



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